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Functional Movement Assessment (FMA)
This one-on-one yoga session is intended to individualize your yoga practice and allow you to practice safely. The assessment focuses on your ability to activate deep stabilizers without compensation, and with mastery of the breath.  Learn what your movement patterns are and how you can influence them through awareness and attention to detail.  Recommended for all new participants or those protecting the body due to past injury or illness.  
By appointment only
60-75 minutes

Group classes 
Volume I  (introductory) 
Mondays 7:00 pm 
Volume II (intermediate- mix of Volume I and Volume II poses).  Participants must complete Volume I or equivalent yoga training.
Mondays 5:30 pm 
Stability and Posture
Wednesdays 12:10 pm 

All group classes 60-75 minutes
Package of 10, $100
Package of 5, $60
Walk-in, permitted only to Volume 1, $15

Participants must be able to transfer to and from floor for the group classes.

Private classes
Medical Therapeutic Yoga (MTY)

The beauty of combining the evaluation and  evidence-based treatment of physical therapy with the art, science, and philosophy of Yoga. MTY offers a holistic approach to treating pain and movement dysfunction.  With this approach we treat the whole person and consider the entire pentagon of wellness (physical, psycho-emotional- social, energetic, intellectual, and spiritual limbs).  Sessions are one-on- one and include an initial evaluation. 
By appointment only
Based on total treatment time $60-$100 

 For further questions please email allisonmarsdenPT@gmail.com  


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