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Interventions and Treatment Options
Patient Education:  At Marsden PT, we feel this is the most important part of your therapy care.  The more you know about your diagnosis and the necessary steps to heal, the quicker you can recover.  Your therapist will provide information regarding pain management strategies, ideal healing posture, proper body mechanics, anatomy, etc. 

Manual Therapy:  Hands-on treatment  including soft tissue mobilization, cross-friction massage, passive stretching, and joint mobilization.  These techniques are provided by the therapist and are used to promote normal movement of your tissues and joints, as well as relieve pain. 

Therapeutic Exercise:  Specific stretching and/or strengthening exercises based on your areas of tightness or weakness.  Cardiovascular conditioning. 

Therapeutic Activities:   Dynamic activities to improve functional performance in the home, at work, or on the playing field.   

Neuromuscular Re-education:   These are activities that retrain the nervous system and may include dynamic lumbar stabilization, balance activities, or coordination tasks. 

Gait Training:  Activities that work on improving your walking pattern or ability to negotiate stairs. 

Biofeedback:  A modality that gives the patient and therapist visual feedback on nerve/muscle activity.  Electrodes are placed on specific muscles and the patient is then asked to contract or relax.  A computer screen is used to give visual feedback of when activity in the nerve/muscle increases and when it decreases. 

Electrical Stimulation:  The use of an electrical current to stimulate sensory nerves to decrease pain or motor nerves to facilitate muscle contraction. 

Heat/cold Modalities:  Modalities used primarily for pain and edema (swelling) control.  They are used as an adjunct to an active physical therapy program and often can be done as part of a home program. 

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